Helen Brough

BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

helen brough clinical psychotherapist

Helen is a CBT therapist, offering a private psychotherapy service specialising in the delivery of various psychological therapies.  She visits the Stafford Dental Practice to offer consultation and treatment for patients who are experiencing a high degree of dental anxiety or phobia.  This is helpful in order to support patients to access appropriate oral healthcare through regular visits to the dentist or hygienist, preventing worse problems at a later date if oral health is neglected. Helen is accredited by the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, a professional body that governs the practice of CBT.  For prospective clients, this is your assurance that she has trained in CBT to a particular standard of competent practice and has met certain criteria, including accreditation procedures and supervision requirements, in order to be able to assess and treat individuals in psychological distress.  Helen’s details are registered HERE.

What is dental anxiety and dental phobia?

Experiencing some degree of anxiety when visiting the dentist or having dental treatment is relatively common.  However, a small percentage of people struggle with much stronger fear when visiting the dentist, often as a result of a bad experience when they were younger.  This can develop into a dental phobia (odontophobia to give it its full name) and can lead to avoiding visits to the dentist altogether.  As a result, when a dental problem arises due to not attending the dentist regularly, it can be worse, more painful, and require more invasive treatment. Helen can help you to break this cycle. Research has shown that CBT techniques are effective in treating this kind of problem.  Helen is able to help with this by using CBT techniques to tackle the fear and gradually introduce the patient to an appropriate level of dental care without the need for sedation.  Sessions may involve familiarisation to the dentist’s waiting room, the treatment chair, discussing what might happen during your visit and the instruments that the dentist or hygienist may need to use during your treatment.  This can help allay anxiety when visiting the dentist for your regular checkups or any future treatment that you may require. If you would like to book an appointment with Helen, you can either; Speak to your dentist, dental nurse or hygienist regarding a referral Call Helen on 07974 418013 for a free initial telephone consultation e-mail Helen on helen_brough@btinternet.com to request a call back.