Pain-free Wand anaesthesia

The ONLY evidence based way of reducing discomfort of dental injections.

Did I just have an injection?” is often asked when we use the Wand after all Pain Free is what it should be!

How would you like to have gentle, pain free dentistry without the fear of “the jab”? and with no waiting around whilst other people are seen?


If you really don’t like the injection, your dentist needs to use The Wand. We audit the effectiveness of the Wand and whereas people who hate dental injection score a conventional injection as 6/10 or 8/10; the Wand comes out as 0 to 2/10.

Hurried injections are the painful ones. Obviously, it is possible for the dentist to control the speed of this with a standard syringe, but the idea of the Wand is to take out the “human error”.

Pain free dentistry.



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