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Something we don’t always talk about…..

If you would like a call back to book an appointment then please complete the details HERE.

Are you new to the area, have a dental concern that nobody has properly dealt with or are you looking for a second opinion? Do you have questions about…

  • Gaps?
  • Crooked teeth?
  • Implants?
  • Denture problems?
  • Bad breath?
  • Snoring?

Are there issues with your dental health that you need to discuss in a non-clinical environment? Is there something about your smile you don’t like or would like a chat about?

No pressure, no “limited time” gimmicks or nonsense.

This is not an examination or a consultation, but a chance to answer your questions about your dental needs.

Call us for a free discussion over a cup of tea (coffee, water or whatever!) with no charge or obligation. This isn’t for a clinical examination, however you will get an honest opinion in a gentle and relaxing environment.


The Stafford Dental Practice  offers a full range of dental services. These include preventive advice, full and detailed hygienist services including the full care of dental implants.

Our routine treatments do of course include;

Before starting any treatments we will fully discuss your treatment plan and make you aware of the full range of  options available. Where we cannot do any treatment in house, we have a choice of specialists to whom we refer. We will not refer to anybody who does not have a post-graduate qualification in their field of expertise as well as extensive experience.

Everyone at our Staffordshire practice has a fully up to date post-graduate training history and continue to expand their knowledge.