Tooth Whitening

For a stunning, natural and healthy smile.

Get results with convenient one visit treatment.

Either in-surgery for convenience or at home (over several days) for cost effectiveness.

valentine smile whitening

If you like to improve your smile and whiten your teeth then please call us for an appointment.

Please save your money: remember that over the counter or internet whitening is illegal, doesn’t work and some can even damage your teeth.

We offer tooth whitening for use at home or in the practice in one session for your convenience.

Currently in the UK, any non-dentally or medically trained person providing tooth whitening is guilty of criminal assault. 

The High Court ruled in 2013 that tooth whitening is “the practice of dentistry”. The General Dental Council is now prosecuting illegal toothwhiteners who can permanently damage your teeth and have no quality controls over basics such as cross infection protocols.


zoom tooth whitening

Dentist supervised tooth whitening is a safe and effective way to give you a whiter, brighter smile.  A variety of such products and treatment methods are available, all of which do no damage at all. Only compounds releasing a maximum 6% hydrogen peroxide are legal currently in the UK.

Considering Tooth Whitening

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