Family dentistry

We especially value referrals from people who value us.

The family dentistry offered at our practice is of the highest quality, and we are pleased to have earned a loyal patient base.

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The Stafford Dental Practice is not just for adults. Family dentistry is not just about taking care of teeth, a large part of it is helping children form dental habits that will keep them healthy for the rest of their lives. Regular brushing and flossing must be started young to escape serious dental problems later in life, and we endeavour to educate our young patients on the importance of taking care of their teeth for life. We see families from all over the Midlands as well as much further afield.

We offer fissure sealants (thin plastic coverings bonded onto the chewing surfaces of the back teeth) and a variety of other cavity prevention measures. Our cleanings are always gentle, and we have been able to soothe many of our anxious younger patients with our friendly demeanor and skilled hands. Pain free is what it should be!

Also, many children and adolescents need some form of orthodontics to achieve straight teeth.