Examinations, health and general dentistry

It is about far more than just looking for fillings; we check all of the mouth and surrounding tissues for health, including an oral cancer screening as routine.

Our routine examinations do of course include the whole mouth including an oral cancer check every time.

Gum health, tooth health and the function of the whole mouth and jaws are all equally important.

What do you want from your dental health overall? Is anything specific of concern to you?

You will receive an itemised treatment plan, with no obligation.

Our emphasis is very much on minimal intervention. The old “drill & fill” mentality is very much a dim and distant memory.

Treatments available include:




Aesthetic treatments

Before starting any treatments we will discuss your treatment plan and make you aware of the full range of  options available. Where we cannot do treatment in house, we have a choice of specialists to whom we refer. We will not refer to anybody who does not have a post-graduate qualification in their field of expertise.

Our patients come literally from just up the road door and as far away as North Carolina, Dubai and Nigeria.


Jason Greenwood, DENTIST

Jason Greenwood, DENTIST