Skin and facial clinic: aesthetic treatments

A Beautiful Soft, Natural Face.

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For the softest and most natural results, relax those wrinkles  away.

Shamim is very experienced in the subtle use of Botox (botulinum toxin) & dermal fillers as well as PRGF for the most natural look. Discretion is the key and her training takes this to a whole new level of subtlety that will leave you looking fresh and natural without any of the tell-tale signs people expect to see. We really can give a non-surgical facelift to Stafford people.

Face, hands and décolletage can all be helped.


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Soft fillers for creases and lip enhancement, Botox for a more youthful appearance and micro-needling for a refreshing look to the skin.

Shamim is fully trained and approved in Dermapen Therapy.



beautiful face hands

beautiful hands

back of hand rejuvenation for your wedding photographs

soft hands after treatment

Left hand, untreated. Right hand, after treatment

Aesthetic treatments at The Stafford Dental Practice.