How do we deal with emergencies at The Stafford Dental Practice? 

  • We see you the same day if at all possible
  • Practice Plan (monthly membership) patients are insured for the cost of the emergency.
  • “Pay as you go” patients call-out fee £75
  • Non-regular attenders, the out of hours call-out fee is £150 (see below)
  • Leave a message on the out of hours mobile number; you will be called back if you do.

Call our usual number at the top of the page.

  • If you are in pain, then you should be seen as soon as possible; ideally the same day.
  • We always do our best to accommodate you, even if you are not a patient at this practice.
  • We are open Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 5:15. Late appointments and Saturdays can be available by special appointment.

If you would like a call back to book an appointment then please complete the details HERE.

During normal opening times:

If you are not a regular patient here or have not attended for a while (over 12 months or not as advised) there is a charge of £40 to cover the assessment, before any treatment is done. Beyond that we will give you a proper costing before we start treatment.

Outside normal opening times:

Please call 07771 877600 and we will call you right back …..if you leave a message.

If you are a regularly attending patient of the practice (for recommended check-ups and treatments within 12 months or as advised by the dentist), our policy has always been that you shouldn’t have any emergencies.

If you do not see us regularly: the attendance fee is £150 (plus any treatment).