Tooth wear

Often with wear cases there is not enough space to build up the dentition; we can used Dahl treatment to create enough space to restore them to their correct size by using differential movement of the front and back teeth and restore the space that was there.

Curing the underlying problem is of course a priority to prevent further wear. The Somnowell is a particularly useful device for managing night-time tooth grinding and clenching.

Traditionally a simple, metal appliance can be made that you wear for about 8 weeks. This will only allow your front teeth to meet together and allows the back teeth to erupt a little more as well as the front teeth to very slightly intrude. At The Stafford Dental Practice we have developed more aesthetic ways of achieving the same result….people shouldn’t be able to tell that you are having the treatment.

bruxism tooth wear

As you can see from the photo, the space created allows a wider choice of restorations to be used as well as a simpler treatment plan that is far less complicated. Whenever possible we avoid using metal for a fixed solution as they tend to be poorly tolerated. White filling materials do a very good job in achieving the same result as do Cerec restorations in the right circumstance.

tooth wear

tooth wear

bad tooth wear

These restorations are durable and aesthetic, protect tooth structure and contact between the back teeth is predictably re-established.

worn teeth

dahl worn teeth

The front teeth were modified using tooth coloured filling and without any drill or the need for anaesthetic

dahl repaired teeth

dahl repaired teeth