Mini-Implants (or freedom)

Freedom from dentures. That is, freedom from the problems of poor fit and looseness; chew and talk how you would like to. We are really proud of the dentures we make, but they do have certain drawbacks….as good as dentures should be, mini implants can be a  solution to some retention problems.

This is a simple procedure, so please read on!

Gum shrinkage becomes a major problem with full dentures; mini implants are excellent at helping the bone to resist this as they transmit forces in a more natural way.

Because the implants are about the size of a standard wooden toothpick (they are made out of a titanium alloy), if there is not enough bone to accommodate standard implants then they can generally be fitted with minis.

mini implant denture

Finally, since the procedure is minimally invasive, there are very few contra-indications to the treatment. You will leave the practice with your teeth in.