Same day crowns, veneers and bridgework

The convenience of a beautiful crown, veneer or inlay on the same day.

A beautiful tooth coloured inlay, a perfectly matching crown or veneer in a single visit and it even feels just like your original tooth.

cerec crown veneer Which tooth is the Cerec restored one?

No impressions, no temporary, no wait, no fuss. Cerec teeth can last longer than traditional crowns; even gold crowns.

Often there is no need for an injection, but if there is then we use the Wand.

For the front or back teeth: for the best looking result. Check out our testimonials to see what our patients think of this transformational treatment. Jason offers basic and advanced level Cerec training to other dentists.

Jason says: It really has changed my working life. I saw CEREC  properly on my Masters’ course and was so impressed that I ordered the system before the coffee break! I have continually upgraded the system’s capabilities and even integrated it into the surgery design.


cerec crown veneer