I am a 68 year young newly retired former S.M.E. business owner who is fortunate enough to have an exceedingly tolerant and supportive wife of 46 years. However, of the many events we have shared in our married life, none has tested us so much as my snoring which has increased over time. My wife is also a light sleeper, not a good combination for the perfect night’s sleep.
Being retired has allowed us the opportunity to travel more than we were previously able to do (we ran the business together),but staying in one hotel room deprives the couple of the spare bed in the spare bedroom at home, there’s no escape!
So, having tried the lower cost alternative mandibular devices without success and being referred to the local sleep apnea clinic then enduring a trial of a CPAP machine, (the pump noise from which kept my wife awake in between my bouts of snoring). we arrived at the crossroads, a decision had to be made. A major motivation for me was the threat from the sleep clinic’s doctor that if I couldn’t address what he saw as mild sleep apnea, eventually the DLVA would have to advised and my driving licence could be at risk. All this on top of the negative effects on our relationship and the capability to share a room and a bed, all because of my snoring.
Spending £1400.00 on something that you can’t trial before committing to the expense is not a step easily taken but we needed to address mine/our problem. After a little research I attended Dr Jason Greenwood’s practice in Stafford. Jason was very reassuring and confirmed a 95+% satisfaction rate with previous Somnowell fittings so we placed out trust in Jason and went ahead. That was August 2016, this testimonial is being written on 19th September 2017, yes, 2017.
I decided to give the device 12 months before commenting. Summed up, it has worked, continues to work, I have worn it every night for 13 months trouble free, we can share a bed and a room and the sleep apnea doctor has accepted that I have addressed the mild sleep apnea and, best of all, my wife and I are getting the quality and length of time of sleep we need. My snoring is under control.
In short, don’t hesitate, if you have a sleep related problem that a trained advisor tells you that a Somnowell can and most probably will help, go for it, it could save your relationship.
MC Midlands.

I first “signed up” with Jason and his team in May 2013.
My own father had been a successful and respected dental surgeon for forty
years in Wolverhampton, having qualified in 1938 so I thought I knew something
about the profession.
Well; there have been some changes !
Jason owns and runs a modern dental practice with all the latest high tech kit which is
available “in house” for instant use with great skill and care together with first class
hygienist facilities.
He has always been most accommodating with regard to convenient appointment times
and emergencies have been dealt with virtually immediately.
All in all it is a superb team effort and over the last few years Jason and his team have
completed excellent dental work for me such as crown replacement, implant from new
and first class general maintenance. I am very pleased with Jason’s practice.
Yours faithfully
Richard Drakeford.

Really friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and no pressure from Jason to have unnecessary work done.

Many thanks Jane P